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Jamie Wong, MS, NCSP

School Psychologist


With a varied educational background, I bring a diverse and unique perspective to my work as a School Psychologist. A combination of my education and life circumstances contribute to my problem solving ability. I am experienced with analyzing a wide range of cases and am adept at analyzing the unique challenges for each case I am responsible for.  Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to work in multiple school districts in the Bay Area serving students ages 5 through 22 years.  My educational background includes a Masters in Counseling with a concentration in Clinical Child and School Psychology.  During my training I also supported both adult and children clients through weekly counseling sessions at the university clinic.  I am a credentialed and nationally certified School Psychologist.  I also possess an undergraduate degree including a Bachelor of Architecture (5 year program).  As my passion for learning and education may already be evident, I hope to support others in their journey through education.  I am also very interested in the arts which I have explored for years through ongoing post-grad education.


Empowerment Through Education:

I believe education and learning can exist in many forms.  Education is an opportunity for self-discovery, growth, and eventually empowerment.  We each have unique challenges and strengths when it comes to learning.  Recognizing strengths and weaknesses is a helpful part of optimizing one’s ability to gain more from learning in schools.

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